Trützschler expands with TRUECYCLED, a holistic approach to textile recycling success

MONCHENGLADBACH, Germany, March 28, 2024-

Trützschler has taken a bold step to tackle the global problem of textile waste: We expanded our portfolio to become the first full-liner in the preparation of textile waste – from mechanical recycling to the spinning preparation of torn secondary fibers. Tearing and spinning preparation are both key processes for achieving the best possible quality from secondary fibers. That means our customers can tap into a competitive advantage by embracing this holistic approach.

Our new complete TRUECYCLED solution is the result of our cooperation with the company Balkan Textile Machinery INC.CO. in Turkey, which we announced at the ITMA 2023 trade event in Milan. Since then, Trützschler has received many inquiries for recycling systems. More and more customers are now producing recycled yarns on a TRUECYCLED line: State-of-the-art recycling installations, configured and fine-tuned by Trützschler experts based on the customer’s specific requirements.

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