TFP plans webinar on fire protection in composites

BURNESIDE, UK, November 12, 2020-

Following on from the success of previous webinars TFP will be hosting another with Composites World on 24th November. This Webinar will focus on the application of our Tecnofire® fire protection materials and is titled "Enabling Composites to Pass Stringent Fire Test Standards using Advanced Nonwovens". It is free to view on the Composites World website both during and after the event.

The webinar will be presented by Neil Gray and Scott Klopfer, TFP’s fire protection specialists who between them have over 30 years’ experience in the sector. They will address the increasing requirement for composites to meet stringent fire test standards and demonstrate how advanced nonwovens manufactured by TFP, known as Tecnofire®, provide a means to achieve this. Examples come from a range composite market sectors, such as infrastructure, aerospace, construction, and mass transport applications, where it has been used extensively.

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