Suzano strengthens Eucafluff marketing across the board; focus on technical improvements

SAO PAULO, July 11, 2018-

After two years of a low-profile debut in the fluff business, Brazilian Suzano is ready to spread the word about its newest fiber, Eucafluff, the first in the world to be produced from eucalyptus hardwood. The company began in June a series of workshops in Brazil and abroad to gather absorbent producers, as well as an entire website dedicated to the product to convince its clients that this pulp is not only comparable to traditional softwood-based fluff, but has also technical characteristics that improve quality of diapers and tampons.

Even though the company claims that it has reached a substitution rate of 100% in tampons and up to 50% in diapers, the idea is to detail to the market that the blend between regular fluff, Eucafluff and polymers can create tailor-made products adapted to different types of customers and regions of the world.

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