Surfaceskins Infection control technology nominated for IDEA19 Achievement Award

MANCHESTER, UK, February 6, 2019-

A collaboration between Nonwoven Innovation & Research Institute (NIRI) and a team of industrial design consultants, Surfaceskins have been selected as finalists for the Short-Life Product Achievement Award, for best new disposable product utilising engineered fabrics.

Studies show that up to 80% of infections are transmitted by hands.  While gel dispensers and hand washing make hands clean, Surfaceskins keep hands clean, when passing through a door.  You are in a hospital, office, restaurant or bar and have just washed your hands, or used an alcohol hand rub.  By now touching a door handle or push plate you may become contaminated with germs left by previous users.  Every surface you now touch may also become contaminated.  Surfaceskins work in conjunction with gel dispensers and hand washing, a vital infection control measure designed to complement existing hand hygiene practices and protocols, breaking the transmission chain.

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