SCG launches 'first in ASEAN' PP meltblown resin, touting facemask applications

BANGKOK, Thailand, March 30, 2021-

Chemicals Business, SCG, sets forth to fortify innovation in health and wellness space, recently launching the first in ASEAN “SCG PP Melt-Blown Resin” that meets international standard for melt-blown fabric production. The quality of fiber can achieve 1-5 microns in diameter when producing fabric. It can filter out fine particles such as PM2.5 and germs with a Particle Filtration Efficiency (PFE) rating of ≥95% and Bacteria Filtration Efficiency (BFE) rating of ≥95%. SCG PP melt-blown resin is tested by a leading institute and excellent for producing the filter layer of the mask. It is ready to be developed into face mask filter to reduce import dependence and solve the domestic shortage supply. The product will strengthen the public health capability and enhance the competitiveness of Thai industry. SCG PP melt-blown resin is now commercially available. 

Mr. Tanawong Areeratchakul, President of Chemicals Business, SCG, revealed, "Chemicals Business, SCG, strives to develop innovation in the health and wellness space to improve people's quality of life and meet the SDG 3 which to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being. In our view, plastic materials are the essential substitute and highly necessary for the manufacture of products within the health and wellness industry. It can reduce the dependence on importing such plastic resins and melt-blown fabric to a considerable extent. Our move will increase the country's competitiveness in health and wellness industry.

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