Sandler AG discusses its decision to endow a textile science professorship at Hof University

SCHWARZENBACH/SAALE, Germany, October 14, 2020-

On September 24th, 2020, a new textile research centre was inaugurated at Hof University’s Münchberg campus. Supporting a well-founded textile-specific education in the new institute, Sandler AG has donated a professorship worth a total of 600,000 Euros.

For many years, Dr. Christian Heinrich Sandler, together with other entrepreneurs and industry associations, has been decisively advocating the establishment of a textile research centre at Hof University’s Münchberg facility. In late 2016, the Bavarian state government approved the establishment of the institute, thus laying the foundation for the expansion of textile-specific education—essential for Sandler and other companies in the region. For Sandler, it was a cause and at the same time a responsibility to further promote this field of education. Therefore, Sandler AG decided to provide 600,000 Euros for an endowed professorship. The company thereby further contributes to the educational infrastructure in the region.

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