Report promoted by Autoneum discusses ways to move toward tomorrow’s self-driving cars; points to its own carpet product

WINTERTHUR, Switzerland, March 8, 2018-

The future belongs to electromobility and self-driving cars – but there are still a number of challenges to be overcome by then. This is the conclusion of the 2018 “Global Automotive Trends Report” promoted by Autoneum as Presenting Partner and published by the market research institute Prime Research on the occasion of the World Car Awards ceremony at the end of March. More than 80 globally leading automotive journalists were interviewed.

With the breakthrough of new forms of mobility, automobile manufacturers and suppliers are jointly working on the development of innovative technologies for the passenger compartment, which will increasingly be used as a place of work or recreation in the future and, accordingly, will be subject to greater demand. Specific attention is paid to components that support a quiet and comfortable driving experience with a low environmental impact at the same time. Carpet systems in particular play an increasingly important role as they shield the passenger cabin from external noise sources while their size has a decisive influence on the quality perception of a vehicle. With Clean-Tuft for tufted carpets, Autoneum offers a premium technology for compact and medium class vehicles.

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