Procter & Gamble awards Sandler for high level of performance and quality in feminine hygiene and baby care divisions.

SCHWARZENBACH, Germany , December 7, 2022-

For the second year in a row, we have received Procter & Gamble’s highest award, the “External Partner of the Year Award,” in the feminine hygiene products division. We were selected as one of 11 companies out of around 50,000 suppliers to the Group as a whole.

The award ceremony took place at the beginning of November at a major festive event in Cincinnati, OH, USA. Jon Moeller, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of P&G, said: “You have been crucial to our success. Your sustained performance and partnership have enabled our mutual growth.“ Ana Elena Marziano, P&G's Chief Purchasing Officer added: “These companies have been among the very best. … The partnership and collaborating with our supply ecosystem is essential to win —we innovate, solve problems, and optimise our supply chains, together.”

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