PF Nonwovens parent group to initiate 'squeeze-out' enabling it to buy out nonwovens firm's minority shareholders

ZNOJMO, CZECH REPUBLIC, September 8, 2020-

The Board of Directors of PFNonwovens a.s. ("Issuer") was informed on 4 September 2020 by its majority shareholder, PFNonwovens Holding s.r.o. ("PFN Holding"), that the Board of Executives of PFN Holding approved on 4 September 2020 that PFN Holding:

The Board of Directors of the Issuer was also informed that PFN Holding has purchased additional shares in the Issuer which, once the trade is settled, will bring the entire stake of PFN Holding in the Issuer over 90% of shares of the Issuer.

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