NA Raw Materials: Polypropylene sees some price relief; polyester and viscose march higher; SAP likely to see Q3 increase

RALEIGH, NC, June 23, 2022-

In North America, polypropylene (PP) prices continue to show some relief from their surge through the early part of the year, as inventories are building. Both PP resin and fiber prices are now lower than they were in June 2021, and industry observers believe this downward momentum will continue as significant new capacity is expected to start up in North America in the months to come.

In polyester (PET), prices continue to push higher, as the import market is restricted by ocean freight rates and the unreliability of delivery times. As such, buyers have little leverage in negotiating raw material prices with domestic suppliers. And with energy and transport costs at historical high points, along with feedstock prices on the rise, suppliers have little option other than to raise prices in June.

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