More Patents for November

CLOVERDALE, CA, November 8, 2019-

“Method for making an apertured web”; US 10,442,104 (Oct. 15, 2019); filed: Jun. 5, 2015. Assignee: The Procter & Gamble Company (Cincinnati, OH). Inventor(s): Pietro Cecchetto, Xue Wang, Jihua Xie, Shihuang Li, Jan Fuhrmann-Evers, Yue Tang.

A need exists for apparatuses and methods that capable of mechanically forming macroscopic apertures in a micro-textured web providing an improved fluid handling without compromising and enhancing desirable softness. A method is disclosed for making an apertured web comprising forming microtextures on a web, and continuously moving the web through a first member comprising male elements and a second member comprising discontinuous female elements, wherein the male elements are arranged in a staggered pattern, and have a shape to form quadrilateral apertures in the micro-textured web.

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