More Patents for February

CLOVERDALE, CA, February 6, 2019-

“Fluff pulp and high SAP loaded core”; US 10,190,260 (Jan. 29, 2019); filed: Dec. 22, 2017. Assignee: International Paper Company (Memphis, TN). Inventor(s): James E. Sealey, Brent A. Fields.

A fluff pulp is provided, which comprises softwood fibers; and 3 to 35% by weight of hardwood fibers. A fluff is also provided, which comprises the fiberized or shredded fluff pulp. An absorbent core for disposable absorbent products is also provided, which comprises the fluff and at least an SAP. Processes for making and using the fluff pulp, fluff, and core are provided, and products made thereby. In one embodiment, prevention or inhibition of fiber-fiber bonding and/or fiber-fiber entanglement via one or both of the use of short hardwood fibers and sugar molecules allows the core to change shape with the body. In one embodiment, the sugar or sugar solution will help hold the SAP particles in the core due to the tacky or sticky properties of the sugar.

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