More Patents for December

CLOVERDALE, CA, December 1, 2017-

“Electret webs with charge-enhancing additives”; US 9,815,068 (Nov. 14, 2017); filed: Mar. 15, 2013. Assignee: 3M Innovative Properties Company (St. Paul, MN). Inventor(s): Nathan E. Schultz, Fuming B. Li, John M. Sebastian.

Nonwoven electret webs are disclosed which include a thermoplastic resin and a charge-enhancing additive. The charge-enhancing additive is a divalent metal-containing substituted-mercaptobenzimidazolate salt. The electret webs may be a nonwoven fibrous web or a film. The additives provide electret webs which may be easily charged by a variety of different charging mechanisms. The electret webs are suitable for use as filter media.

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