More Patents for April

CLOVERDALE, CA, April 10, 2019-

“Polysaccharide fibers and method for the production thereof”; US 10,221,502 (Mar. 5, 2019); filed: Apr. 4, 2014. Assignee: Lenzing Aktiengesellschaft (Lenzing, Austria). Inventor(s): Franz Durnberger, Sigrid Redlinger, Christoph Schrempf, Harmut Ruf, Heinrich Firgo, Gert Kroner.

The object of the invention is to provide a polysaccharide fiber and a method for its production, which did not include the disadvantages related to fiber quality. The polysaccharide raw material is relatively inexpensive to manufacture, and the processing method is cost-effective as well as executable in existing commercial line facilities.

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