Mitsui Chemicals' Prime Polymer to construct new polypropylene facility

TOKYO, June 2, 2021-

Prime Polymer Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: FUJIMOTO Kensuke) today announced the decision to construct a new polypropylene manufacturing facility as part of its plans for a scrap-and-build-style restructuring of its production system.

A material that is integral to a wide range of applications, polypropylene finds use in such areas as food containers, home appliances, automotive parts, medical applications and rechargeable batteries. Further, polypropylene is expected to see its role in everyday life grow more than ever with the changes being witnessed in societal needs, such as for reducing food loss, increasing medical treatment opportunities and extending the cruising range of electric vehicles. Amid these developments, Prime Polymer recognizes its responsibility to society as a producer of plastics to respond to the urgent environmental issues at hand, with these including climate change, plastic waste and the resulting efforts to create a circular economy.

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