Mesofilter announces Mesopaper filtration product, made with bamboo fibers and clay

SAN JOSE, CA, March 8, 2018-

Mesofilter Inc. announced MesopaperTM, the first paper filter able to rapidly immobilize harmful pollutants such as arsenic, lead and other heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and radioactive elements in water and air. With more than an 80 percent cost savings, its effectiveness and ease of use are superior to reverse osmosis, chemical treatment, and UV exposure – the common processes used for filtering air and water today.

Unlike other filtration processes, Mesopaper does not require pressure, chemicals, electrical potential, plastic or any additional equipment. A family cut off from clean water can filter water from nearly any source, regaining access to drinkable water in minutes. Or, an industrial manager can add Mesopaper to an existing system to quickly and cost effectively remove contaminants.

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