Lenzing pioneers web technology promising new sustainability in the nonwoven industry

LENZING, Austria, September 12, 2018-

The Lenzing Group announced today that it has successfully pioneered a new technology platform, LENZING™ Web Technology, with a focus on sustainable nonwoven products that will open up new market opportunities for the industry. Following an investment of EUR 26 million and several years of research and development, Lenzing completed the commissioning phase for a one-meter wide pilot facility located at their headquarters in Lenzing, Austria.

Currently, most of the nonwoven products are made with plastic materials like polyester or polypropylene, which take hundreds of years to decompose. Coupled with inadequate disposal techniques, the nonwoven industry is a leading contributor to landfill issues globally. With the LENZING™ Web Technology, absorbent nonwoven fabrics with botanic origin will be manufactured using environmentally responsible production process. The nonwoven fabrics produced in 15gsm to 80gsm basis weights with a wide range of surface textures and drapeability properties will also be certified biodegradable, clean and safe.

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