Kelheim Fibres once again awarded with dark green/green shirt in Canopy’s Hot Button Report

KELHEIM, Germany , November 18, 2022-

In this year’s “Hot Button Report” released on November 9, 2022, by environmental NGO Canopy, Kelheim Fibres has once again achieved a top position with a dark green/green shirt and was able to improve its overall ranking by another 1.5 points compared to the previous year.

The Hot Button Report thus confirms the viscose speciality fibre manufacturer’s leadership role when it comes to conserving Ancient and Endangered Forests. For example, Kelheim Fibres has once again increased the proportion of FSC®-certified pulp in its production and confirmed in an audit that its supply chain is low-risk of sourcing from Ancient and Endangered Forests. There was also credit for the active and public support of Canopy’s work, as well as research and development of low impact Next Generation fibre solutions.

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