Johns Manville develops work-around for COVID travel restrictions, using 'smart glasses' to help install packaging for polyester spunbond lines

DENVER, CO, February 16, 2021-

In 1858, Henry Ward Johns used a clothes wringer and a household tea kettle to apply hot tar to cloth to create the company’s first roofing shingle. This was also the moment when Johns Manville’s (JM) innovation process was born. Throughout our 163 years of history, Johns Manville has remained committed to continuing our innovation efforts and finding creative ways to solve problems. During the Covid-19 pandemic, with production sites on three different continents, we were challenged to find new ways to continue to communicate and collaborate between our teams.

One exciting way our teams remained effective during the pandemic was the use of mixed reality smart glasses. These computer glasses blend human vision with the virtual world to provide additional information to the user and observers. A visor, attached to the front of the device, serves as a see-through screen where images may be displayed for the wearer to reference. It also has several microphones, an HD camera, an ambient light sensor and can be operated via gesture, speech, and head movements.

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