Hygiene Austria starts production of face masks at Lenzing production site in United Kingdom

GRIMSBY, UK, May 20, 2020-

In May, the newly founded company Hygiene Austria started the production of face masks in Austria. The product range includes mouth-nose safety masks, FFP2-masks as well as coloured face masks for children. Stefan Doboczky, CEO of Lenzing: “The aim of this joint venture is to provide the residents of Austria and Europe with the best possible protection through locally manufactured, high-quality and certified products. The echo at the start was enormous: numerous companies contacted us within just a few hours to place orders worth millions of euros.”

From the very beginning, the founders of Hygiene Austria LP GmbH intended to supply protective solutions not only to Austrian citizens, but also abroad. Tino Wieser, member of the Board of Palmers: “The demand in the UK for protective masks is massively driven by the consequent handling of Covid-19. The supply chain is complex and serving the UK market from Austria is costly.”

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