Freudenberg Performance Materials talks up use of nonwoven product in safety shoes

WEINHEIM, Germany, March 13, 2018-

Safety shoes are a must in industry, craftwork, construction, gardening and landscaping, as well as among fire departments, technical relief organizations and the emergency services. Even in commercial kitchens, safety shoes are mandatory. An ingenious high-tech system protects the foot from injury – but up to now often at the expense of breathability. A new and especially intelligent nonwoven from Freudenberg Performance Materials lets feet breathe while keeping them dry.

At the butcher’s shop watertight, for the electrician antistatic and for the firefighter flame resistant – safety shoes need to meet a wide range of different requirements. They are also equipped with a toecap made from steel or aluminum and provide special cushioning in the heel area. However, this degree of protection comes at a price. Especially in waterproof versions, feet quickly start to sweat unpleasantly due to the commonly used impermeable water barrier. This can lead to skin irritation.

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