Essity’s Tena offers inco products with new breathable technology to promote skin health and comfort

PHILADELPHIA, PA, December 1, 2017-

The TENA® brand's premium absorbent product portfolio, made by Essity (formerly SCA), features new enhancements to promote skin health. TENA® Premium Briefs, Protective Underwear and Heavy Pad incontinence products will now feature TENA® ConfioAir™ 100 percent breathable technology, which allows excess moisture to evaporate, to help maintain skin's natural moisture balance and improve comfort for wearers. 

TENA's ConfioAir™ technology features a unique outer layer with micro-pores that allows moisture from the inner absorbent core to evaporate. This helps maintain skin's natural moisture balance, allowing it to breathe and keeping the skin on the inside of the product comfortable and dry. This breakthrough technology is now included across TENA's premium absorbent product line at no additional cost to the customer.

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