Duni Group delivers fossil free propane gas to its Rexcell plant

MALMO, Sweden, September 7, 2021-

Duni Group’s journey towards fossil-free operations continues as the first fossil free propane gas (BioLPG) delivery arrived at the subsidiary Rexcell Tissue & Airlaid’s paper mill in Skåpafors, Sweden.The transition to BioLPG produced from waste products primarily from the food industry is a major step forward towards an increasingly circular business model and a lower climate impact. Duni Group is therefore the first company in the world within the paper industry to use LPG physically produced from fully renewable raw materials, enabled by a collaboration with Kosan Gas.

"The transition to BioLPG shows that it is possible to gradually execute a green transformation of our industry. The team at Skåpafors have done a fantastic job in securing BioLPG which significantly reduces our carbon emissions. Combined with electricity ecolabelled by “Bra Miljöval” (Good Environmental Choice) for water and wind, we're closing in on our goal of a fully fossil-free production, while maintaining a solid profitability," says Robert Dackeskog, President and CEO, Duni Group.

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