Clearwater Paper collaborates with Charter Next Generation to launch circular polyethylene in consumer tissue packaging

SPOKANE, WA, November 16, 2023-

Clearwater Paper Corporation today announced a collaboration with Charter Next Generation (CNG) for an early-to-market initiative to include advanced recycled polyethylene in Clearwater Paper's private label tissue packaging offerings. Advanced recycling includes difficult-to-recycle waste plastics converted into new plastics that perform like virgin materials. The purchase of this material in the place of traditional resins helps to give new life to some plastics otherwise headed to landfills.

"CNG is providing a competitive edge and is leading the way in transforming waste plastics into useful products. This advancement is critical to our success in meeting and exceeding sustainability goals for Clearwater Paper," said Mike Urlick, senior vice president and general manager, consumer products at Clearwater Paper.

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