Berry Global rolls out new Suavis 3D embossed fabric for hygiene applications; produced in Biesheim

EVANSVILLE, IN, October 8, 2021-

Berry Global Group, Inc. (NYSE: BERY) introduced today its new three dimensional embossed nonwoven, Suavis 3D™. The introduction of Suavis 3D addresses the growing Premium market demand for high levels of softness and comfort. Suavis 3D technology allows for enhanced softness and cushioning of the Company’s nonwoven solutions for hygiene applications  offers visually appealing embossing patterns, as well as the opportunity to deliver a premium experience to the end consumer.

This first investment in Biesheim, France, provides premium, value-added, and high-performing solutions to the nonwoven fabric hygiene market and it joins Berry’s existing embossing and aperturing manufacturing lines.

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