Belgium-based Woosh launches its own diaper in a first step towards a circular diaper

GHENT, Belgium , May 21, 2024-

Woosh is on a mission to create a circular ecosystem for baby diapers. The company has recently launched a diaper of its own, optimized for recycling and containing recycled material. This ties in perfectly with Woosh’s plans to build its own recycling and R&D centre in Bruges this summer, with the ultimate goal of making the diaper chain circular. The Woosh diaper is premium quality, and has been designed to make life easier for professional caregivers in daycare centres. 

Woosh wants to make diapers circular. It is convinced that the problem isn’t disposable diapers in themselves, but what happens to them after use. Today, used diapers are still disposed of as residual waste. There are about 33 billion disposable baby diapers per year thrown away in Europe alone, amounting to 6.7 million tons of waste (Cabrera and Garcia, 2019). In Belgium, used diapers account for 7.5% of residual waste every year (OVAM, 2022). This residual waste currently disappears into incinerators, resulting in an enormous impact on the environment. 

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