More Patents for August

CLOVERDALE, CA, August 3, 2017-

“Cleaning system incorporating stitch bonded cleaning pad with multi-filament stitches”; US 9,693,668 (Jul. 4, 2017); filed: Jun. 8, 2015. Assignee: Tietex International Ltd. (Spartanburg, SC). Inventor(s): Martin Wildeman.

A cleaning pad structure of stitch bonded construction is provided. The pad incorporates one or more absorbent nonwoven layers with an optional additional fluid blocking substrate layer. Stitching yarns are introduced in stitching relation through the substrate layers. One face of the pad defines a cleaning surface of raised yarn loops formed by the stitched yarns. The pad further includes an attachment surface facing away from the cleaning surface. The stitches of yarns across the attachment surface define an engagement surface for attachment to cooperating hooking elements across a surface of a mop head to define a hook and loop attachment system.

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