More Patents for April

CLOVERDALE, CA, April 12, 2017-

“Fine fibers made from polymer crosslinked with resinous aldehyde composition”; US 9,587,328 (Mar. 7, 2017); filed: Sep. 21, 2012. Assignee: Donaldson Company, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN). Inventor(s): Suresh L. Shenoy, Hoo Young Chung, Thomas M. Weik.

A fine fiber is provided made with bicomponent axial core and a coating layer. The fiber can have a polymer core and one or two layers surrounding the core. The fine fiber can be made from a polymer material and a resinous aldehyde (e.g., melamine-aldehyde) composition such that the general structure of the fiber has a polymer core surrounded by at least a layer of the resinous aldehyde composition.  The fiber surface polymer improves humidity resistance and makes the fiber useful in filtration nonwovens.

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