Mogul points to advantages of Madaline: like a meltblown with spunbond strength; can be treated like a textile

LÜLEBURGAZ, Turkey, February 16, 2017-

Madaline is a Mogul nonwoven destined to be a trend setter.  Just consider a nonwoven fabric which can be treated like a traditional textile, having similar touch and drape and the capability to be stitched without fraying.  In addition to its similarity to woven fabrics, Madaline also possesses superb filtration and barrier properties - like a meltblown with the strength of a spunbond.

Madaline uses state-of-the-art and patented bico technology to extrude unique filament designs and thereafter subjects them to high pressure water jets to simultaneously shear, fibrillate, entangle and consolidate microfilaments into a fabric.

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