Indian entrepreneur sells feminine pads made from banana fibers in plan to offer affordable fem hy products to rural women [From the web]

DECATUR, GA, April 20, 2017-

It was in the summer of 2009, when Amrita Saigal was working as a summer intern at Procter & Gamble, that a conversation with her grandmother changed the course of her career. Saigal found out that her grandmother, a native of India, used old rags for her menstrual cycles, had to miss school every time she got her period and had to sleep in a separate outhouse.

Worse, Saigal’s grandmother was hardly alone. After that conversation, Saigal started researching the Indian feminine hygiene products market and found that only about 12 percent of Indian women at the time used sanitary pads, and that taboo about menstruation and the lack of access to hygiene products were the leading reasons why girls dropped out of school at higher rates than boys.

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